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Invest in Your Child’s Future: Secure Scholarships, Maximize NIL, and Empower Success with Our Free Parent Playbook

Parent Playbook

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Welcome to the Game Plan Parent Playbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Supporting

Your Student-Athlete's Journey to College Athletics and NIL Success


Are you the parent of a talented student-athlete with dreams of playing at the collegiate level and beyond? Navigating the complex world of college recruitment and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities can be overwhelming. That's where the Game Plan Parent Playbook comes in—a comprehensive guide designed to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools you need to support your child's athletic journey.

What's Inside the Game Plan Parent Playbook

Chapter 1: It Takes a Village: Discover how to build a supportive team around your child, including coaches, trainers, and mentors.


Chapter 2: Mastering the Athletic Journey: Learn how to balance training, academics, and personal development for holistic growth.


Chapter 3: Fueling Success and Optimizing Performance Through Food: Get expert nutritional advice to ensure your child is performing at their peak.


Chapter 4: Breaking Down College Recruitment: Navigate the recruitment process with confidence, from creating standout profiles to negotiating scholarships.


Chapter 5: Guiding Your Student Athlete to Social Media Success: Understand the power of social media and how to use it to your child’s advantage.


Chapter 6: Navigating the NIL Era: Equip yourself with the knowledge to help your child capitalize on NIL opportunities while maintaining eligibility and reputation.



Our playbook is crafted by industry experts, including former scholarship athletes, college coaches, and NIL specialists. You'll gain insider knowledge that can give your child a competitive edge.


By guiding your child to secure an athletic scholarship, you can alleviate the significant costs of college education. Our playbook provides detailed strategies to enhance your child’s chances of receiving a scholarship, potentially saving your family thousands of dollars in tuition fees.


This guide offers actionable advice and real-world strategies that you can implement immediately to support your student-athlete's success.


From understanding NCAA rules and mastering the recruitment process to optimizing your child's nutrition and harnessing the power of social media, we've got all bases covered.

Why You Need the Game Plan Parent Playbook 

Why This Guide is a Must-Have

The Game Plan Parent Playbook is not just a guide; it's a roadmap to success. By following our expert advice, you can help your child:

- Secure college scholarships and minimize educational costs

- Maximize their athletic potential and career opportunities

- Build a strong personal brand that attracts NIL deals

- Develop life skills that will benefit them beyond sports


Don't Miss Out

Invest in your child’s future today. The Game Plan Parent Playbook is your trusted companion on the journey to collegiate athletics and NIL success. Join our community of informed and proactive parents who are committed to making their child's dreams a reality.


Soaring Student Athlete

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