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Game Plan Student Athlete College Tour

1st PLACE Program
Our 1st PLACE Program centers around Personal Development, Leadership, Athletic Excellence, College Prep, and Entrepreneurship for student athletes.

Pictured above, Game Plan Champions on a college tour

Personal Development

Our Personal Development Program focuses on building a well-rounded student athlete. They are taught such items as time management, public speaking, goal-setting. along with many other items to help them win in life.


Through our Leadership Academy Program, student athletes learn how to first lead by example before they can lead others. The goal is develop leaders in the classroom, locker room and eventually the boardroom. 

Athletic Excellence

In order to improve in and eventually dominate their respective sport, students are taught how to be faster, quicker, more agile, and powerful. They also learn the things outside of the physical to make them better athletes, such as sports nutrition and sports psychology to give them an edge.  

College Prep

Student athletes learn about different colleges and divisions that best align with their skill-set and goals. They also are introduced to different career paths, including careers in sports, to assist them in choosing a major. GP Champions are exposed to different universities through college tours, as well.  


Student athletes are introduced to entrepreneurship, both for profit and nonprofit business start-up ideas, learning how to build a business by fulfilling a need in their communities. They also learn how to develop their brand by monetizing off of their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

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