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1st PLACE Program

Our 1st PLACE Program centers around Project Management, Leadership, and the Arts while integrating the community and entrepreneurs to prepare youth to win in life.

Project Management 

Project Management is a focal point in our programming. Studies have shown it can help students prepare to enter the workforce, since there is a connection between project management and 21st century life skills that employers are looking for.


Throughout the program, students learn leadership and are placed in positions to lead, as it has been shown that leadership skills inspire students for learning and helps them to acquire career development skills.

The Arts

The Arts is a critical piece to youth education. Art nurtures inventiveness and creativity that leads to the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation. 

Community & Entrepreneurs 

The integration of the local community and entrepreneurs into our programming is what makes our program successful because students are placed in real-live projects that benefit their local community by helping local entrepreneurs expand, grow, and market their businesses. They get to witness and have a hand in the development of a local business showing them how powerful a good education can be.  

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